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We founded Okudo to make a sustainable life easier, with high quality Hemp Textiles for everyday use. Starting with our Towels.

“It's a tough galaxy. If you want to survive, you've gotta know...where your towel is.”

- Ford Prefect | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Better things in a better way

We see environmental pollution as one of the most urgent problems of our time. We use the resources we have as a business to do something about it: from the choice of our materials, to clean and fair manufacturing, to supporting environmental initiatives. For a life in harmony with nature.

Our Values

Nature is the origin and basis of life of our society, of which we as a company are a part. We are dependent on it and have the responsibility to respect this natural relationship and to act accordingly.


Durable, natural, functional and timeless.

Reducing our consumption is one of the best ways to reduce our environmental footprint. That is why we make things that will serve you for years to come.


Acting in harmony with nature and society: from the choice of our materials, to shipping. Through close cooperation with our manufacturing partners, we ensure fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production.